AKA, my wish-list.


There’s a lot of things I’ve never made but I want to try! My Bucket List – kitchen category!

  1. Puff pastry
  2. Croissants
  3. Homemade Ravioli
  4. Tiramisu
  5. Truffles
  6. Danishes
  7. Crepes
  8. Ladyfingers
  9. Marshmallows
  10. Whoopie pies
  11. Homemade Ice Cream
  12. Baked Alaska
  13. Fondant
  14. Bagels
  15. Cream Puffs
  16. Classic Jambalaya
  17. Beef Bourguignon

To-Do: De-seed a jalapeno, use a vanilla bean,


Things I’m meaning to buy or wish I had in my pantry.

Ravioli Maker
Small Metal Spatula
Shortening Cutter
A melon baller
Quality piping bags
The good ice cream scoops
Cute ramekins
More cookie cutters, including minis
Edible glitter/shimmer/sprinkles
Cake strips
Springform cheesecake pan
Kitchenaid Mixer
Quesadilla Maker
Presto Pizzazz Oven
A cooking blow torch
Interesting chinaware


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