Hi, I’m Alissa!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  I am a 20 year old avid kitchenista living in Northern Illinois with my wonderful husband and faithful taste-tester, Ethan. We live in a teeny apartment (sans dishwasher) in between a cornfield and a cow pasture. Mooooo!

Obviously, I love to spend my days in the kitchen whiskin’ up delicious treats for my friends and family. Heck, I’ve been in the kitchen as long as I can remember. Mom & Grandma are to blame for that one. I also enjoy reading (cookbooks) and photography (of food). I draw inspiration from many sources:  family recipes, cooking magazines, favorite restaurants, other food blogs, and some of my favorite chefs.

I’m not a vegetarian, a pescatarian, a carnivore, gluten-intolerant, lactose-intolerant, a clean eater, or any other eating label that you can come up with. I eat everything. I am anti-picky (except for black licorice, which by the way smells & tastes screwy. Word to the Wise: Baking with this ingredient may yield peculiar results).

I’ve had 5 jobs since I graduated from high school. 4 of which contained food, kitchens, and crabby customers.

Hates: Dishes. (and Crabby Customers)

Dislikes: Brown Mushy Bananas. Ew! They feel so grody.

Likes: A Clean Sparkling Kitchen.

Loves: Seasonal Eats!

Enjoy your stay! Thanks for stopping by and reading my things, making your own things, and saying all those nice things! Happy eating! xoxo


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